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Nice to have You here on my website! My artist name is Imiak Khan. I‘m a photographer since 2013, I was born in Austria and worked for many years in the international modelbusiness, until I started my career in photography.  


Until now I have been published six times in the Italian Photo-Vogue magazine, further on I was booked for magazine-covers in Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and for several campaigns and jobs as a photographer. My passion is creating visions in a picture, telling a story with a picture. Many of my works have a hidden story which is not obvious. 


I hope you‘ll enjoy what you can see on my website! 


Yours, Imiak Khan

Imiak Khan @ PHOTO Vogue

Here you will find some of my pictures which were published in the Italian Photo-Vogue Magazine. Until now I have been published six times there and I‘m very thankful for this plattform. 

Imiak Khan - People Photography

In my life I’ve seen so many beautiful people also many with something special in their appearance.


It was great fun to organize several interesting theme shootings with different people models. Here You can see some of the results.


Travelling is one of the most important things in my life, next to photography. During my various journeys I had the chance to save innumerable moments in my pictures. So have a look at some of those impressions including landscapes, animals & other pictures.


Before I started working in the modelbusiness and photography I had a time as an artist (oil paintings). My speciality is the abstract art. Start of my career as an artist was the first prize at the great art competition "Philipps Kunstwettbewerb". I’ve recently decided to continue my paintings, here you can see my latest works. 

Imiak Khan - Modelshoots

From 2013 onwards I’ve had the chance to work with several fantastic models all over the world. Some of them were newcomer-models who then succeeded in the international business.

Imiak Khan - Covers & Media

I’ve been published in various magazines within Europe and also was booked for magazine-covers in several countries like Austria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain. Have a look at the articles in various newspapers or magazines and the covers I was booked for.

Imiak Khan - Mermaid Photography

Mermaid-Photography is something girl’s dreams are made of. In Europe I was one of the first who organized mermaid shootings. Here you will see some pictures of this interesting photography art.

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